Saturday, April 18, 2009

Readathon Hour 11 Mini Challenge

Dear Sally,

I know you are having a tough time at the orphans asylum,but don't give up so soon.
The kids have never played in their life,they haver never lived their life.Only you can make them more cheerfull.I trust you.You are new to the system so you can change the system.Everyone who has been here for a long while has got used to this place,it's become a routine for them.They have stopped thinking.I am glad to see that you are taking interest in making changes for the better.

I was surprised to read in your letters about the gloominess in the asylum.I am a regular at orphans asylums here and i've always seen the kids in their most joyfull moods here.Deaf and dumb and orphan kids live here.They study,sing,dance and play.The most amazing thing i witnessed here was to see deaf and dumb kids dance so beautifully.It made me wonder,how does a kid who has never heard the sound of music dance so well?? It's the beauty of the place or the miracle of the innocent kids.

I know you are having problems with your husband too.But don't worry he will understand.Everything will be ok.

You know that you can be the best superintendent if you try.Then what is stopping you.Have faith in yourself.
Be the change you want to see.
Nothing is impossible for a passionate person like you.
Take care.

I am reading 'Dear Enemy'

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Kailana said...

These letters are a fun idea! Happy reading!