Friday, April 17, 2009

Recession takes its toll

Recession forces 24-yr-old computer engineer to join BMC as a labourer. “At least I have a job, unlike my friends who are being laid off,” he says.
Nilesh Gangurde, a BE in Computers from Terna Engineering College, Nerul has taken a very challenging step in these recessionary times. He says he had got offers from IT companies in bangalore (including the legendary Satyam).But he could'nt leave his ill mother so he couldn't accept those offers.While the job of an BMC labourer earns him a salary of 11,000 which is much higher than the average salary of an IT fresher currently.“I don’t feel ashamed of working as a labourer in the BMC’s Insecticide Department although I am a computer engineer. Some of my friends have been laid off from their jobs,” says Nilesh, who has scored 64% marks in his BE exam.
Typically, a labourer in the BMC begins his day with a muster roll call at 7 am, and is assigned work by the muster room in-charge. He sets out with at least 30 rat traps to complainants’ homes, hands over the traps and teaches people how to set them up. He also does fumigation rounds.

But thanks to Deepak Adsul, BMC’s chief insecticide officer, Nilesh has access to computers. For half the day, he does a labourer’s job and then receives complaints about rodents, mosquitoes, etc., at their call centre. He compiles data, writes letters and reports and updates files. He has found many time-saving shortcuts in our operating system. Right now he is compiling the Monsoon Action Plan 2009 to control mosquito breeding and the rodent population.

Nilesh’s colleagues often ask him why he is wasting his education, but he doesn’t want to leave his BMC job, at least not until recession is over. He is also doubtful about getting back to IT. “If I want to join a software company once the market gets back to normal, how will I explain my current profile? Also, after a few years, they will require new technology,” he says. “Instead, I can do something in IT at BMC... Maybe I can get an MBA degree, then a shift to the IT department if they give me a chance.”

According to deputy municipal commissioner Rajendra Vale, BMC Class IV employees with an electrical or mechanical engineering degree are often absorbed in higher posts in the corporation. “We have no such provisions for computer engineers. But there’s always a first,” Vale says. But Nilesh isn’t worried. For now, he is happy with the opportunities his boss provides, and has come to terms with his situation.

Hotels across the world think up innovative ways to hold on to guests during recession

Funny ways the hotels over the world have found to beat these recession times.They provide offers such as two free drinks for the customer if he helps with the dishes.
Just the thought of it seems hilarious,wonder how did they they think of it(i doubt they were sober while thinking out this)

The Keating Hotel in San Diego, is offering a Spring Recession Special.
The package has some usual discounts like a complimentary cocktail and free stay for the third night after paying for two. But there are some additional offers – if guests help with the dishes, they get two drinks free.
And that’s not all… Customers can also save 15 per cent on dinner if they go in wearing a barrel, the preferred choice of broken businessmen in comic strips. The hotel even gives guests the option of showing up in their best recession outfit to avail of the offer.
In another innovative approach, the Nasdaq-listed Morgans Hotel Group launched a campaign titled F@*% the Recession, in a bid to attract customers seeking a “recess from recession”.

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