Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am done reading the book about the father of our nation... :)
It was a 98 pages book..
Gandhiji was a father to a son before he finished his 10th exams.He had married at the age of 13. I had not even had my first crush at that age i guess.I have known all my life that Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was very honest and never lied or cheated.Except the one time when he robbed money from his father but he confessed and his father forgived him accepting his honesty.But what i didn't know was that Gandhiji had developed a liking for meat and smoking.In the religious family that he belonged to,eating meat,drinking,smoking is considered as a was a little surprising to read this but one day when he ran out of money and he couldn't control his urge to smoke,he robbed money from his servant.That night he could not sleep,he was burdened with guilt and shame.In the morning he confessed to his mother that he had sinned,his mother was moved by his honesty and both wept together.That was the last day he ate meat or smoked.He did his law studies in england.The book continues to tell his story through freedom struggle and ends at the sad martydom of our beloved Gandhiji.When Nathuram Godse shot 3 bullet shots at Gandhji he collapsed saying 'hey ram!'Thus the apostle of truth and non-violence departed to his heavenly abode.
My next reads will be "The book of Myterious Events"
"Ashoka The Great"
"Malgudi Days" By R.K. Narayan
"Bhakt Prahalda"
"Swami Vivekananda"
"veer Hanuman"
"Deception Point" Dan Brown.
And lets see................ ;)

Number of pages since last update: 98
Total number of pages: 98
Number of books completed: 1
Time spent blogging since last update: 30 min
Total time spent blogging: 65 minutes
Mini-challenges completed: You-tube mini-challenge


Eva said...

Congrats on finishing your first book! :)

Nise' said...

Keep up the great job on reading.

Shetty Priyanka said...

thank u....... :)