Monday, July 14, 2008


Casually walking through life we meet some people who walk with us. Out of those we start liking someone. Walking together we share our troubles, our happiness, our dreams and our experiences. While sharing our thoughts we begin to think like each other. We get to know each other so well with time that we can understand what that person is feeling before they even talk about it. We comfort each other and support each other. In good times and in bad times we begin to walk hand in hand. We grow up together without realizing how time has passed. How many times has my sweet friend made me laugh when I was crying, but made me cry…….never!Laughing, crying, talking and sometimes even sitting silently we’ve shared a beautiful bond of friendship. We weren’t silent because we had nothing to say, but because we were lost in our own beautiful world. The most beautiful thing was how we were a part of each other, how we believed in each other’s dreams and we were a part of it. We could do anything to make each other’s dreams come true.Suddenly while walking one day my friend began to walk in another direction. I asked where are you going? My friend said my road has turned now; I’ve to go in this way. We hugged and my friend said long goodbyes. But the word bye never came out of my mouth. Guess I can never say it. It was tough to let go of my friend’s hand; it was the same situation on the other side. While I saw my friend walk away I’d tears filled in my eyes, my friend kept turning back and waving at me. Even I was waving till I could get the last glimpse of my sweetheart friend.The only thought that lingered in my mind was hope that someday in the walk of life I meet my friend again. Hope someday our roads cross again. The time we spent together will always be carved in my memories, decorated with gold and diamonds actually. Just a hope that we get to live such moments again.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Don't waste your life on smoke,
Don't puff away your life,
You've got just one life,
dont blurr it for fun...
Quit smoking and live healthy,
To tell your grand children to do so....
You say no to cigarattes,
Or we'll say no to you

Miss u

Miss you….
But never forgot you…
Gone so far….
Yet so close…
Y this pain…When there’s nothing left..
Y hate When there was no love..
Broke my trust
Broke my heartU broke me
Still forgive u
N thank u 4 coming in my life
d pain has made me strong
my only defeat was u…
now I laugh at my defeat


The look in your eyes is gone,
The smile has become a frown.
Those eyes that used to comfort me,
Now which i dread to see.
Love has lost its meaning,
Heart can see no new beggining.
Touch the waves of the sea,
I can feel it within me.


An innocent child,
Whom god has made mercilessly blind,
Sing her a song,
Spend an evening by her along,
Give her a hand to hold,
She'll tell you a story untold.
She asks for a little love from the world,
The only thing that can make her cured.
Does she need you or you need her more,
Like god is letting you in by opening the door.

Farewell....... I'll Miss u.....

I feel i'm losing You,
I dont know how to stop You,
I want to see u happy always,
But i want to be by your side nowadays,
You dont know how important you are to me,
You brought the freshness of the sea,
You make me feel comfortable you make me feel at home,
You make me feel im not alone.
Soon you will be out of sight,
But you'll always be in my mind,
Friends come and friends go,
But we have something special you may know.
I'll pray for all the happiness in your new life,
All the best go conquer the world....

A Smile in your eyes

A smile in your eyes,
thats where my happiness lies
a laugh in your heart
thats my only happy thought.