Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nuggikeri Temple - Dharwad

I still remember all my engineering days when all of us used to go to Nuggikeri Temple,that was a routine every saturday. For almost two years me and my group of ten girls would walk down from our college SDM CET to Nuggikerre. Some of us went barefoot and some of us fasted the whole day and ate only after coming back from the temple.I often did both.Sometimes i went there on an activa with my brother.Nobody misses on going to Nuggikeri.Nobody! Going there was only the second best part.It's a very calm and serene walk,but not more than the location of the temple itself.Very very gorgeous and serene. A temple on the banks of a lake,surrounded my miles of green landscape.You know to be there and be able to visit Nuggikerre every saturday itself is kind of a blessing.You just know you belong there!! I'm sure the other hundreds of people who came there every saturday felt the same.

When the exams were nearing I'd pray that the exams go well,after the exam I'd pray that we pass in this particular paper which was so tough!! When there were tough times I even cried praying there. I prayed for courage and strength to bare it all. The rest of the times I just went there and said hello to Hanuman and thank him for the life he has given me. There's a custom of tying saffron and yellow holy threads to the railing on the wall behind Hanuman.I used to  make a wish and tie a knot,like a bow so i knew it was mine.Since I'm from Bombay and not Dharwad, it was my dream to take my husband once to Nuggikerre after I got married. I wanted him to know this place which was a very important part of my life and also i wanted to show him to my favourite Nuggikeri Hanuman.I doubted my wish could come true as i later found out my husband to be works in Singapore and we probably won't have much time to visit Dharwad,let alone Nuggikeri.

Hanuman called me and my husband there to come meet him.A week after my marriage we'd to go to mangalore for all the pujas we'd to attend.My husband had booked Air India tickets about two months back.As fate had it Air India was on strike and was cancelling all the flights. I remember we went to every Bus Travel office, noone had two tickets to mangalore,of course there was no question of getting train tickets!! Peak season!! We'd no other way but to drive to mangalore from bombay,my parents were a bit worried about just us making such a long trip and they accompanied us. Dharwad happened to be on the way to mangalore!!! I was just praying for it!!! Destiny!! As i stood there in front of Nuggikeri Hanuman, it was surreal. I couldn't thank god for all that he has given me, a lovely husband too. I prayed for our married life to be happy and happiness to my family. I'll always love Nuggikeri Hanuman from the bottom of my heart.

Monday, April 11, 2011

IPL Mania

The IPL mania has begun and it won't get over for another month.Half the Indian population or should i say more than half the Indian population,considering the sex ratio of male to female in India,are glued to IPL and very few other things seem to be making a difference nowadays.Guys greet each other with "did u see d match yesterday?", or "What an awesome match it was!!" instead of the normal and more caring hi how are you :)A student of mine greeted me the other day with "Mam I watched the match in the stadium yesterday!!" Whatever happened to the Good morning mam.I'm sure you all can think of your own experiences regarding this. Which team are you going to be supporting this year??!! Have a great season!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What can we expect in 2011!!

Happy New Year!! 2011 is predicted to be an eventful year for many reasons. We have many reasons to celebrate and rejoice this year. We begin the year on a Saturday and cherish the first weekend. It is the 11th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 2nd decade of 2000. With anything new comes apprehension and uncertainty. None of us are god’s to predict the future neither am I an astrologist. But practically, I would like to talk about what things can be expected in 2011,what might change and what might bring us great joy!

The United Nations has designated 2011 the International Year of Forests and International Year of Chemistry.

Men are going to have a gala time this year. The year begins with Barclays Premier league matches. Jan 1st sees a couple of matches; Liverpool will be playing on the first day of the year. Chelsea has it’s first match of the year on 2nd of Jan, Manchester United on the 3rd of Jan and Arsenal on the 5th of Jan. Come March 1st and we will witness a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, the eagerly-awaited top-of-the-table battle should be a thriller and is predicted to be nine per cent back a 2-2 draw. While we are talking about sports how can India’s favourite sport Cricket be left behind.

There is excitement all around that the ICC World Cup 2011 is scheduled to begin on 12th Feb. This cup is jointly hosted by India, Shri Lanka and Bangladesh. Our very own Prof.Ratnakar Shetty is the Tournament Director for the ICC World Cup 2011.The 13th of Feb. sees a match between India and Australia and I’m sure it will draw a lot of crowd as it is held in Bangalore. 1000s of Indians will flock to see the thrilling match. As the World Cup draws to an end on 2nd of April the fans will be maddening. India does seem to have a good chance of winning the cup, let’s pray and hope for it. According to Manu Sawhney, ESPN STAR Sports Managing Director, “The ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 will draw massive interest from around the globe as cricket’s flagship event.” I do hope this event is a success and India proves to be a good host this time.

Best Careers for 2011 are in the HealthCare industry, IT, Business and Finance, Education, and Media/Communication.

IT sector is said to be in complete boom in the year 2011.A Tsunami of jobs coming our way, says a popular website. The jobs are back. And back in a real big way. Like a tsunami. According to estimates five lakh jobs will be created till March next year in just four sectors IT, telecom, banking and healthcare. The year 2010 brought in cheer for Indian IT after almost turbulent 2009. From single-digit to even negative growth in some cases, the Indian IT industry bounced back to double-digit growth. As the year ends we look into the crystal ball to gauge what the fiscal year 2011-12 holds for the IT industry. According to several analysts, the New Year looks promising for Indian IT services companies with clients increasing their IT spending and willing to pay more for services. It is time to rejoice for all the IT freaks as there are multiple job opportunities like Web Developer, Games Developer, Ethical Hacker, Admin, Network Security Expert and many more. Here is my heartiest congrats to all the IT freaks, hope you all have a successful year and many more glorious years to come.

3G is expected to be used in a big way in India in 2011.Though a few networks have introduced 3G for now like MTNL 3G Jadoo,Reliance,Tata Docomo,and the others Airtel,Vodaphone,Aircel and Idea plan to launch their 3G plans in 2011.The year 2011 can be called as the year of the 3G for India as 3G will finally gain it’s popularity and be used by the common man. In 2011 we can expect Super-Duper Smart Phones, phones are going to be smarter than ever. Androids, iphones will be the trends for the year. With higher-resolution displays, more potent dual-core processors, fancier cameras, faster wireless connections and better software — most commonly the next version or two of Android — they'll resemble truly pocket PCs more than ever.

Internet security could be a major issue in the 2011 as there is a very close call between the web developers and the hackers. Both are showing their talent at a neck to neck competition. The good guys need to buck up and be smarter than the bad guys as Cyber crime, viruses are to get deadlier in 2011. Viruses in 2011 will increasingly be like those shown in sci-fi movies. The US has still not found a solution to VikiLeaks and is still suffering the consequences. 2011 might have more such situations targeting Governments or public figures.

Google is planning to come up with a social networking site. Though Google rules the web, but it could not do anything to match up to Facebook and twitter till now. So we cannot predict what will be the state of it’s new social networking site, but I personally think it’s pretty tough for Google to match up to the success of Facebook.

Better Browsers
Mozilla's promising Firefox 4 was originally supposed to show up in 2010 but slipped into next year.Later in 2011, we should also see the final version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, the first truly impressive version in years. Google updates its Chrome browser so relentlessly that it'll probably release several significant updates before 2012 rolls around.

IPv4 Net Addresses Will Be Gone By January
You might have heard something about the exhaustion of the pool of free IP addresses. It's been topic of discussion among network engineers for almost 20 years. Experts at the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had warned that the reserve of available Internet addresses will be used up around the globe in January 2011. The situation is anyhow “not serious” because a new Internet protocol will allow for the production of billions of new Internet addresses. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) will allow for the registry and service of billions of new addresses.

Bollywood for you in 2011
For all you Movie Bluffs, 2010 might have been a disappointing year but 2011 sure seems promising.

The most awaited film of 2011 is easily Ra.One,which is Shahrukh Khan’s dream project and sees him step into the role of a super hero. Salman,will return to the big screen with Ready after his success with Dabangg this year..Aamir Khan will have a release after more than a year with wife Kiran Rao’s Dhobi Ghat in January. Khans apart, it’s going to be a crucial year for Hrithik Roshan with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara which is co-starring the lovable Katrina Kaif. Katz is also looking forward to another film release in 2011,a movie with a pretty funny title Mere Brother Ki Dulhan,hope the movie is hilarious as well. Akshay Kumar has two releases set this year,Thank you co-starring the sweet and confused Sonam Kapoor and Patiala House. Rockstar will have Ranbir Kapoor playing a guitarist and is bound to win more hearts of the young and young at heart women. Priyanka Chopra is excited about Saath Khoon Maaf which will be released in Jan 2011 and Don 3 set to be released in Dec 2011. Kareena Kapoor is looking forward to her much talked about film Agent Vinod with her beau Saif Ali Khan and her other flick Bodygaurd with Salman. Abhishek Bachchan also has two releases this year with Game and Dum Maaro Dum.I hope he makes his fan happy with good movies the coming year and wishing him a successful year. Here is hoping that Bollywood makes us proud this year with some good movies and not just commercial hits.

Bunts Sangha Higher Education Institutes
The TYBMS batch is going to graduate next year. Hoping they all pass out with flying rainbow colours and set the standards high for the rest of the batches to be graduating from next year onwards. Good luck to them and I’m sure everyone will miss them.
We are also going to start with MBA College in 2011, hotelier Shri. Krishna Y. Shetty of Krishna Palace being the main donor. All the best for the new Management Institute, I’m sure it will be a great success.
2011 is also going to be my last year working in this prestigious institute. It makes me proud to say that I have worked here for the past two years, from July 2009 to probably April 2011.I have had immense love and support from everyone in the college, Our Principal Dr.K.S Cheema,Our Manager Shri.Jaya Shetty, our Coordinator Prof.Harbir Singh,Prof.Susan Alex,Prof.Swapna Shetty and other teachers, who never seemed like colleagues. I spent a really good time of two years and made some good friends for life here in this college. Will surely miss you all, hope you guys will miss me too..
A lot of work has gone behind the making of this magazine Youth Times and Jallosh 2011.The entire credit goes to Prof.Harbir Singh and the cultural committee comprising of the following students:
Dhaval Shetty, Aafiya Ahmed, Ganesh Garbidi, Robinson Ingle,Karan Malvi,Savio, Yatin,Jyothi,Dhananjay Shetty,and the others.
I have seen them working the whole day and sometimes they’ve worked till midnight only so that the Youth times is an excellent read and Jallosh 2011 is an immense success. They have treated this like a personal event and worked for it.
The Managing committee of our college coordinated by Mr.C A Shankar Shetty, was always on its toes to make this college as organised as possible and our college wouldn’t have achieved this kind of success without their hard work.
Shri. Aikala Harish Shetty                    Dr. P. V. Shetty
President, Bunts Sangha                               Vice Chairman
Shri. Manmohan R. Shetty                  Shri. B. Vivek Shetty
Chairman, Higher Education Committee        Vice Chairman
Shri. B. R. Shetty                                   Shri. Praveen B. Shetty
Secretary                                                       Treasurer

My students have been more than my students to me in the past two years. Sometimes my friends, sometimes my kids, we always stood by each other in good and bad times. The love they have showered on me is unexplainable. SYBSc IT would be referred to as my kids, yes they are my kids and I’m proud of them. IT Freaks Rock!! I had the pleasure of teaching FYBAF also which was a good experience too. Love you all.. will miss you all..I will pray for your success.

Here’s wishing everyone a Very Happy and Eventful New Year!! May the New Year bring all the joy and love we all need. God bless.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Expressing Love

Love.. an eternal feeling.No words can define Love.The feeling you just want to spend time with that person,you want to see that person happy.We all do fall in love.Some are expressive and some are not.I was just thinking how important is the expression of love to us love birds.Are you happy of the fact that you are loved,or would you be sad if your partner is not expressive.Two people decide to spend their life together.That is a huge decision.It would help if there were communication.Romance is the soul of marriage.Expression is the breath of romance.
I'm a very expressive person.Full-on romantic.Maybe I've lived in my dreamland for years.I agree there is no perfect love and every flower blooms at it's own time.But.. nobody knows the recipe to a perfect love story.Probably it is.. you know you love each other,accept the things the way they are and be happy!!!
Love... the mysterious ghost.. :)

Forbidden fruit!!!

...when a Pitaya meets a Pineapple...

She was soft, mature, exotic and incredibly sweet...

He was more common, tougher, a bit sour and younger...

Yet, when their googly eyes met it was love at first sight!

Now they live like this... so close and yet so far.

(at least until a breeding program that involves pitayas and pineapples is created...)