Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet

Day 1 and Day 2 

I enjoyed the Master cleanse journey till here. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the lemonade diet too. The lemonade is very tasty and I really don't mind drinking it all day. I had more than enough energy to sustain the whole day! The routine is to take a nightly herbal laxative everyday from the time we start the lemonade diet. I chose a good one available at my regular store. The day ended after playing some PS3 games, Sports Champions Archery game to be specific, which me and Harish totally enjoy. Maybe I should write about all the games too sometime.

Anyways, I slept around midnight only to be awakened before sunrise with some movement in my tummy. These were followed by 3 more visits to the bathroom and I was totally exhausted. I woke up my hubby as I no more had any stamina left, weakness was empowering me. I requested him to get me some sugar and coffee as I could barely open my eyes. He got me sugar quickly and fed some to me and rushed to brew me some hot coffee. This moment reminded me of my parents who took so much care of me whenever any such thing happened. It's a bit different with your hubby, sure he cares but not as much as my parents did. I drank a few sips of the hot coffee and added loads of sugar to it. I was dehydrated and the sugar level in my body had hit a complete low. Drank a few sips of water (as much as I could) through out this toxic phase.
I did loose weight I'm sure! My jeans which were not fitting me are back to my waist. I'm happy about that. But, Is it safe to do this Detox diet and make myself so weak that I become unconscious, it doesn't seem like a good idea to me!

After all this my hubby insisted I have a healthy breakfast before he goes to work, cause he was worried I'd faint again. I did some more research n this if it's safe enough to do it and it was no surprise that some doctors have suggested that people who are anemic ,who have low BP or any other medical conditions should not try this diet. Doctors also say that the body does not get enough of nutrients and energy through this diet, as 6 cups of lemonade gives us only 650 calories. which is way below the daily requirements. I'd a totally dairy cutout as well for the past 5 days. Phew! what about the calcium then?
Well, I'm sorry to say that this detox diet is not for me. I love being on salads, fruits and soups, loved the lemonade too, but the dehydration! I can't bear that! I had fruits and veggies the rest of the day to keep me going will start with soups tomorrow and end this anorexic diet!

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Sushma said...

hahaha.. u kept me wondering how long would you continue this diet!!!
But it's good that you've lost weight.