Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hour 23....

At this hour I'm reminded of the cozy little beach side shack in goa.My last visit there was in feb'08.(i have lived in goa almost all my life untill 5yrs back)
This shack had a library too.What more Do u need??The beach,a swim suit,a breezer,sea food and a nice book to read in between all the water sports and swimming you enjoy.In the pics I'm asking dad i want a cranberry breezer..You can see the book shelf behind me.. In the other pic I'm enjoying the moment with my mom.I had just finished a parasailing ride a few mins back so was really high with happiness..

I am done with reading Dear Enemy..
This book had 97 pages,no illustrations or pics.. So this took the longest time to finish.. I'd started it yest night.. read it during breaks today and eventually finished reading it...
With just another hour remaining i can't take up any such books again.
i will read The Book of mysterious events.. It's a small book of 112 pages..
It's a Collection of short stories with a few illustrations... i will finish it......

Pages read since last post: 62
total pages read:519
Books completed:5
time spent blogging since last post:15 mins
Challenges completed:13

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Blodeuedd said...

Still doing great :D
Have fun the last hour now