Friday, April 17, 2009

Maoists shocking attack on poll booths

Voters in Bihar Jharkhand,Chattisgarh and Orissa were in for a rude shock. Just watching the news was shocking for me. What kind of times are we living in.Here we are asking the nation to vote. You are responsible for the kind of government you have,don't complain,go ahead make the right decision,exercise your right to VOTE.
The voters who had to face the bullets of these naxals might curse the day they thought to vote."Maoists kill 18,loot EVMs,attack booths,block roads." read the headlines of today.What is the level of security in our country.After the terror attacks in mumbai,it was said that we have to change the security system,we have to take things seriously.But what has been taken seriously? What can be done to ensure safety of our people?

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harsha bhat said...

was goin thru this post...My views:
I think the polls were free and fair this time...i'm upset abt the voting turnout (a disappointing 50%) but this time there were no fake votes (least fake votes), the dead and the departed dint vote!! (Yes, In bengal CPM got elected coz of the votes of the dead!!) and maoists and naxals had threatened many places and had asked the people to abandon the polls but they were sucessful only @ few poll stations...And look @ the positive side of it..
I understand that it is impossible for the family of the people who have lost their lives in this shootout to accept my words but still considering the nation as a whole (or atleast the naxal prone areas) this was a bold step by people...
3 cheers ti Indians....and "NAXALS Down down"...