Sunday, January 16, 2011

Expressing Love

Love.. an eternal feeling.No words can define Love.The feeling you just want to spend time with that person,you want to see that person happy.We all do fall in love.Some are expressive and some are not.I was just thinking how important is the expression of love to us love birds.Are you happy of the fact that you are loved,or would you be sad if your partner is not expressive.Two people decide to spend their life together.That is a huge decision.It would help if there were communication.Romance is the soul of marriage.Expression is the breath of romance.
I'm a very expressive person.Full-on romantic.Maybe I've lived in my dreamland for years.I agree there is no perfect love and every flower blooms at it's own time.But.. nobody knows the recipe to a perfect love story.Probably it is.. you know you love each other,accept the things the way they are and be happy!!!
Love... the mysterious ghost.. :)

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