Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hour 22....... going great..

I have written 4 limericks.. Hope u like them....

Dewey's Read-a-thon challenge was immense fun for all,
Piles of books on everyones table standing tall,
This was my firt time,
i think i did just fine,
The names of Dewey and organizers on the golden Wall.

Everyone loves Misses Dewey so deeply,
I think we should do a read-a-thon weekly,
It would be fun everyone knew,
But what to do,
The read-a-thon will end in a few hours sadly.

Nobody was bothered about the ticking clock
they just had to finish their book stock,,
Wish i could read more,
i have just finished four,
The readers are all a happy flock.

Read-a-thon has become a part of my life now,
To all the organizers and readeers i bow,
My world is in the books,
My mind cooks,
Wish this didn't have to get over somehow


Erotic Horizon said...

Oh that just lovely...

I am brain dead, iam just supporting others now...


Blodeuedd said...

Good ones :D
Still going strong, almost there now

Eva said...

Fun! :D

Care said...

wow! TREMENDOUS! I like the 3rd one but all are good. So nice to meet you and I look forward to visiting and reading reviews of what you've read. :)

Dreamybee said...

Wow, I couldn't even complete one limerick. How did you pull out 4? Nice job!

priyanka shetty said...

I am a poet... It came naturally to me... :)