Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 2 of Master Cleanse Diet!

Today was my day 2 of my master cleanse. Suprisingly I'm not even a bit tired! I also had some delicious soup today apart from the yummy juices.I already feel lighter today and so fresh. This is a sure way to lose weight!
It is my day 2 of Ease-in stage. So my diet was of soups and juices. I drank a cup of carrot juice in the morning followed by green tea, this was our breakfast. Then a childhood friend of mine,Shweta suggested me to add an apple with the carrots into the blender. Now this was a super yummy carrot-apple juice. My hubby was on lemonade diet today itself. By afternoon he seemed to be too hungry. He is a guy with a huge appetite. Poor guy I just couldn't help but tell him to drink the carrot-apple juice with me, and so he did.
For lunch I looked up the internet for a spinach soup and I found one amazing one at It had all the right ingredients, which were healthy and I had them, it was also easy to make. Trust me it was delicious. Here is the link for the recipe
I do like a chunky soup so I kept a few of the vegetables aside and didn't let them go through the blender. Also I didn't add any zaccuni but I added some sweet corn. My and my hubby had two bowls full of them, as we knew we'd a long day ahead of us.

We left to Manhattan to see Harish's newly born nephew and family. Two of his cousin sisters have had babies in the last couple of months, so they both were there. along with their mom who was visiting them .Had fun with all the babies and their young parents. We had to pick up his aunt and take her to yet another cousins house who lives in Newport, Jersey City. Well, long day I must say, cause we had to go back to Manhattan drop her and come back to our place! Phew... 
Me,Uma Aunty,Harshu Akka(Harish's cousin), Dev(her son) and Puneet(her hubby)

But here we are, all done for the day, we ended the day with sharing a pomogranate and I was too tempted to eat a stick of celery. Yes tempted!!! tooo much!! :)

Tommorow is my day of Orange Juice!! yay!! Can't wait for it!! But there is a slight problem, Harish's cousin who lives in Manhattan has invited us over for lunch on sunday! She'd invited us today also, we somehow escaped, but how do we cook up another reason for next week to keep up our diet. I seriously do not want to break the diet cause I doubt I'll get another chance at this soon. Hmmm.. Have to try some tricks, I'm a bit shy about telling them about this diet, or should- I ?

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