Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 3- Ease-in of Master Cleanse

Day three is going good so far. Had 3 cups of orange juice and its 3.45pm. The problem is not with the diet. But the problem is my hubby says I will have to look for a job as a QA and not a BA. I do have some idea about QA but I'm no expert. I'm studying QTP today and also looking for someone who could teach me the same well. I want to do some projects and become an expert in this. Hmm..
We are going to India on 11th feb, I'm so excited about that!!! Will I get to learn some QTP there?? I doubt! It's a holiday and lets treat it like that. My aunt has a very good trainer in Boston, she also knows someone in Connecticut, so I'm exploring my options. I sooo want to get a job soon and get busy with life how I used to be.
So its Day 3 and I'm going strong. Have found this amazing website to sharpen your QA skills. Its good if you are a totally new-bee specially. Have fun studying and loosing weight!! Yay!

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Sweety said...

Thanks for the link.It's a good one