Saturday, January 21, 2012

Master Cleanse has begun!!!

I've begun the Master cleanse today. Since I've come to U.S I think I've put on about 6 or 7 kgs (or maybe even 8) in a couple of months!! Scary right?? For the past few weeks I did some intensive research about Master Cleanse and I decided to take the plunge. My hubby plans to stay on a fruit,vegetables and the lemonade diet. Pretty sweet of him to support me in the master cleanse diet.
For those of you'll who are wondering what exactly is this master cleanse, let me put it out in words to you. Master cleanse is one of the famous Detox diets, which helps in removing all the toxins and unwanted waste from the body. Thousands of people claim that it works and is the most natural way to loose weight. If you think you put on a lot of weight this year, feel a bit bloated and you think you've eaten a lot of junk!! Then this is definetely for you. Go ahead do your research. Let me share my experience with you.
There are three stages in Master Cleanse.
  •  Ease-in - 3 Days.
  • The Lemonade Diet - 10 Days
  • Ease out - 3 Days
I've skipped dinner last night. Ate a few grapes ans strawberries.We watched My name is Khan as Harish hadn't seen it yet.
It was snowing in the morning and my excited hubby kept waking me up as he wanted to go and play in the snow. Woke up in the morning, prepared breakfast for hubby ,toasted brown breads and egg whites fried. I'd half a melon for breakfast. Off we went to play in the snow!! Had awesome fun.. seeing the white winter wonderland. We threw a few snowballs at each other and walked for a few minutes. I just felt like I was freezing, so I came rushing back.

Our saturday ritual is to talk to our parents through skype video chat. So, spoke to Harish's family, Mom, Supriya, Anna and Bhabhi. I must say his Bhabhi has lost 15-20 kgs this year. She was plumpy when I first met her and now she looks like a thin teenager!! Awesomeness!! She is like an inspiration for me to loose weight. Anyways, spoke to my parents after that. Watched them eat dinner though we both are starving. I just peeled a few cucumbers which we both shared. Having fun on this diet now. Harish ate the other half of the melon for lunch. Love my hubby for giving me freedom from cooking for 2 weeks.

We were supposed to have Harish's cousin Harshu akka  and her family to come over for lunch tomorrow. But because it snowed today thats also cancelled. Sad!! :(

For more info about Master Cleanse:

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