Monday, September 28, 2009

A Mixed Day

It's been a mixed day today, with the festivities of Dussherra in full swing in my home and with the rising number of victims of "Ondoy" in Philippines.

I deeply feel for the forlorn Philippians. How can we celebrate and be merry when in another country people are struggling for their life. I feel hapless in such a situation. Is God being partial, who are we to decide?? We in India have experienced numerous natural hazards be it the Tsunami in 2004, Latur Earthquake in 1993, Orissa floods in 2008, Orissa droughts. Then the survival through the terror attacks in Mumbai, Kashmir, and the rest of India. When we are having a tough time back home we stand united. It’s touching to see how we pray for everyone to be safe; we extend our hands for help. But why do we lack the same spirit when another country is in a catastrophic state. It has taken years for us to be untied in tough times beyond caste, religion, state, language, rich and poor divide. I wish to see a world where everyone stands for each other. Beyond even the country, continent divides. No ocean should be able to distance the love for each other. Such a loving world I dream of.Such a world I hope world. Come lets try and make this come true. One world, One People, One Love.

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Harsha Bhat said...

A wonderful dream...But i seriously doubt it'll be true... atleast in the coming future (say a coupla decades)!!!