Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We miss u around Yasmeen

Life seems changed all of a sudden. What is in store for us the next minute nobody knows. But what is in our hands now. Yesterday i heard the most shocking news,which i still refuse to believe.
My two friends who had gone out in the afternoon,the day was just like any other day,untill they had to face the worst circumstances.How we lost a friend is a great tragedy.But Shweta who faced this tragedy in front of her eyes,had to be strong and face the situation bravely.I really admire the courage she had to be strong till yasmeen was attended to by the doctors.She made sure they reached the hospital in minutes.But today she carries all the memories of her best friend Yasmeen with her.She also carries the burden of the death of her firend by thinking it was her fault,somehow she could've saved her life,she shouldn't have taken her out at all yesterday.Everyone has convinced her now that it wasn't her fault in any way.It was her fate.
A tragedy which could've happened to anyone,it could've been me too yesterday.I really admire Mrs.Nita maam, yesterday we were out of words to console Shwetha untill Nita maam came.She did the kindest thing anyone could do.She consoled Shwetha,convinced her that she had tried her best to save her friend,but it was all gods wish.Now if she cries,it wont be of good for anyone,even her friend wouldn't like to see her like this.All we can do is pray for her soul,and maam asked us all to sit and talk to Shwetha.Maam gave her a big hug and i am really thankfull to her for that.
Students and lecturers had been to the hospital yesterday as soon as we got the news.The worst part was to see the berieved mother crying in pain for losing such a young daughter.What words can console a mother who has lost her child.
Today after the condolence meeting,college buses were arranged to go to Yasmeen's home for her funeral.We all had been there together,almost all the students of final yr cse dept. and many lecturers made it there.We all mourn the sudden and tragic death of our friend.
Not a single day had passed by till today when Yasmeen had not come to our room.Yesterday too she was in my room till 2.Our room will never be the same without her around.God bless her soul.I pray to god that our college doesn't face anymore tragedies.


Ravindra Dastikop said...

Good Tribute : Ravindra Dastikop

sudu said...


This is the saddest thing in the history of SDM and the worst thing that can happen to a family.
I pray to God , to give her family, specially her mother, strength to lead the life ahead, without her daughter.
To Shwetha: Some things are not in our Hand. Its called Fate.“Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any FATE; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait”.

Sudheendra D