Monday, June 16, 2008

Farewell....... I'll Miss u.....

I feel i'm losing You,
I dont know how to stop You,
I want to see u happy always,
But i want to be by your side nowadays,
You dont know how important you are to me,
You brought the freshness of the sea,
You make me feel comfortable you make me feel at home,
You make me feel im not alone.
Soon you will be out of sight,
But you'll always be in my mind,
Friends come and friends go,
But we have something special you may know.
I'll pray for all the happiness in your new life,
All the best go conquer the world....


downpourofwords said...

great one priyanka......actually its my passion too....writing poetry....and i liked the flow of this one you wrote....apt words chosen for rhyming...

you seem to be ultra-talented :-)

Shetty Priyanka said...

hmmm... i'm a poet.. a writer.. thats it i guess..